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Pool Misting

Which cooling system is the best choice for me?

Low Pressure Misting Systems

These systems normally operate on hose pressure, which varies from 40 to 90 psi. These systems are normally built with PVC Pipe or Poly Tubing and are usually connected to a hose. These systems are very inexpensive and in most areas create some cooling but will also get you wet.

Mid Pressure Misting Systems

Mid-pressure systems employee a booster pump to raise hose pressure up to as much as 200psi and provide an excellent economical alternative to high pressure systems. These systems provide excellent cooling in hot and dry climates.

High Pressure Misting Systems

High Pressure Misting or fogging systems operate at pressures starting at 800 psi going as high as 1200 psi. At these pressures, we are able to create a super fine fog / mist that quickly and efficiently flash evaporates, absorbing huge amounts of heat quickly and effectively cooling the environment.

I live in a humid climate. Will a misting system work for me?

Yes. The evaporative cooling concept will work any time you are able to achieve evaporation. The more complete the evaporation, the more effective the system will work. For areas with humidity above 80%, temperature reductions will be as high as 10 degrees. For humidity levels between 40% and 80%, temperature reductions will be as high as 20 degrees. Below 40% humidity, the temperature reductions may be as much as 35 degrees.

Will the misting cause me to get wet?

You will only get wet if you are standing within 6’ of the misting nozzle.

How does misting work?

When ultra fine water droplets mist/fog are introduced into the atmosphere, they quickly absorb the energy present in the environment and boil off (evaporate). The energy (heat) that is used to produce this state change from liquid to gas is eliminated from the atmosphere; hence the air is cooled by the process called evaporative cooling. Cloudburst high pressure misting fans and misting systems are designed to efficiently introduce a super fine mist into the area to be cooled which almost instantly evaporates (flash evaporative cooling). With the use of both fixed line and misting fans, we are able to combine evaporative and convective cooling (wind chill factor) to achieve spectacular results.

Where do I place the misting system?

Proper installation of your new misting system requires mounting the misting line 8’ to 10’ above the ground on the bottom outside edge of the fascia, header or beam of patio perimeter. It is important to mount the line along the bottom edge, to prevent mist from spraying on structure. This installation will create a mist curtain (a cooling barrier) between your protected area and the outside heat.

Where should I place the pump?

The pump is not silent! The pump is noisy like a room A/C unit. Place it away from the area to be misted in a covered area out of the weather. The pump needs a water and electrical hook up and can be placed up to 400 ft away from the mist line without significant pressure loss. Choose a spot that is relatively easy to access so as to make it easy to change the filter.

What is the Heat Index?

Heat Index (HI) is an index that combines air temperature and relative humidity to determine an apparent temperature how hot it actually feels. The human body normally cools itself by perspiration, or sweating, in which the water in the sweat evaporates and carries heat away from the body. However, when the relative humidity is high, the evaporation rate of water is reduced and removed the heat from the body at a lower rate.

Helpful Hints

Whenever possible use any natural breeze or air flow to your advantage (point the fan the same way the air is moving) Use Positive Pressure Ventilation techniques wherever applicable (See discussion of Positive Pressure Ventilation techniques below) In places where it is either impossible or un-economical to cool the whole structure or area set up smaller cool areas. In most applications, mist should be directed slightly above head level.

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